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Our Speakers


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Mrs. Darshana Sawant

Mrs. Darshana is a proud mother of Varun Sawant who is Asia's 1st Autistic Marathon Runner. She shares her experiences of her motherhood and guides other parents to autistic children. She works relentlessly to spread awareness about autism and eradicate misconceptions associated with it. She is also Varun's 'Marketing Executive' promoting his bakery business.

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Sumeet Patil

Mr. Sumeet Patil, is a young Art Director from Mumbai, India. An international and national award-winning artist, Sumeet has worked in art direction and production design on several films, theatre plays, television commercials, and advertisements. A creative genius, Sumeet’s work has won him several accolades. He has been a recipient of over 600 international, national and state level awards that have recognised him for his creativity and his artistic talent. Inspite of achieving such heights at a very early age, Sumeet Patil has persistently worked towards using his talent for making art more accessible and inclusive.

Sudhana Shankar_edited_edited.jpg
Sudhana Sankar

Sudhana Sankar is a seasoned professional dancer with a portfolio that includes modeling for renowned brands such as GoodEarth and Nicojournal. Currently, she is venturing into the realm of acting, a new dimension in her artistic journey. With almost two decades of experience, she has honed the skill of embodying various characters, cultivated through extensive training in classical and western dance forms. Acting, being an integral part of her training, holds a special place in her artistic expression. Sudhana’s attributes include being fluent, camera-friendly, a quick learner, enthusiastic, and deeply passionate.

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